Harvest Member Plans

We make top quality care affordable for all

Pay Per Visit - $50 per visit

Initial Exam - $50 

Family Plan - $250/month

 You, your significant other and dependent kids (number of children NOT limited)

Individual Plan - $150/month

Since we know that quality chiropractic care can benefit everyone, it is our duty to make it accessible for all. We want to see entire families grow and become healthier and live their dreams. At Harvest Chiropractic, you always come first. Getting regular care is where changes happen and we are able to make a lasting difference, this is why we choose to make such great care so affordable.

All Memberships are to include one visit per week. If you decide to do the membership and would like to come in more than once a week, additional visits will be charged half off, $25 per additional visit in a week

Ask about our FIRE, POLICE and MILITARY Service Plans if it applies.