Health doesn't happen overnight, neither does the healthy food we eat. Lets take a second to think about the process of how an almond gets to our hands and helps nourish our bodies. First, it starts with a strong foundation, a system and plan to reach your end goal. This includes but is not limited to turning the dirt, adding nitrogen, pre-emergents, irrigation, plotting, etc. Next, we must be patient, most almond trees are not harvested until about the fourth year. We must care for them, keep them pruned, adjust our plans if the trees run into unforeseen problems. Finally, over time of investing into the orchard, the orchard produces a healthy, delicious nut that is shook off the tree, processed to remove the hull and shell and packaged to be consumed and enjoyed by all of us.

In most cases, not all, health and healing does't happen overnight either. In most situations of chronic pain it took years to get the way it is now, or took years before someone finally comes in and wants to take care of the problem. That's why we must first determine the root of the problem and come up with a strong foundation, a system and plan to reach the end goal of health. Next, you must be patient and realize our bodies take time to adjust and be replenished, time is different for everyone, but our bodies have an amazing ability to heal and become better if we allow them to. Finally, with good, consistent chiropractic care you will be able to Harvest all the benefits Chiropractic has to offer, producing a healthier, better functioning, all around happier you.

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